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Student Emergency Food Pantry 
About the Food Pantry 

The Student Emergency Food Pantry was started by Ferris State University Alumni Olivia Johnson and Wesley House Director Devon Herrell. Olivia Johnson graduated Ferris State University with her B.A in Criminal Justice. Olivia Johnson is also a part of Wesley House, and in being active there her passion for mission work and change is what mainly sparked the idea of starting a food pantry. Going on mission trips to New York, and New Orleans inspired her to bring something back to Ferris States campus to keep the momentum going. After researching one of the campus downfalls she discovered was that some students can't afford a meal plan, or would have to choose between buying books or buying food for the semester. Olivia and Devon knew that there was a way to bridge the gap between hunger and higher education.

      Both Devon and Olivia Spent a great deal of summer 2016 researching and writing grant proposals on how to get the food pantry started and funded. Through the grace of God, the Student Emergency Food Pantry was fully stocked and opened August 29, 2016. The food pantry can be found inside the Wesley House and is open Monday-Thursday for students. 

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